To provide a tangible connection with the original factory for owners of their cherished vehicles,  the production of exclusive Commemorative Certificates has been especially commissioned.                  
We are fortunate to have associated with this project, Peter J. Davis, Administration Manager at BMC/Leyland from 1955 to 1978. Peter was responsible for the issuance of the YDO product codes, and the identification of vehicles and their specifications on the Vehicle Identification Plates and Compliance Plates.                 
Certificates are available for purchase for $78.50 includes GST and  postage and are individually numbered and personally signed by Peter. To obtain your certificate, follow the steps below:                
1. View the Sample Certificate to ensure it meets your approval
2. Check if your vehicle is covered by the scheme                
3. Download and fill in the Application Form and Post or Email
4. Pay for your Certificate using the Paypal payment form:                  
                  If your vehicle cannot be identified, a full refund will be provided.
                  No refunds will be provided (unless required by law) once the Certificate has been issued.
                  For further enquiries:                
Your Certificate also entitles you to access to our Technical Services web page where you can download hundreds of articles such as Service Bulletins, Product Fault Summaries, and more.
The British Leyland Motor Corporation of Australia (2016)
& The BMC-Leyland Australia Heritage Group Inc.